Aunt Molly's 60 Gallon Black Rain Barrel with an Aunt Molly's Automatic Diverter-FREE SHIPPING

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This 60 gallon black rain barrel came into this country from India, filled with sweet pickles. It is approximately 42"tall and 23" in diameter. It has a screw on top and three top overflow male hose connections, a plastic spigot and a bottom drain plug. The three overflow fittings allow excess water to be diverted into a second barrel (or third, or fourth etc.) or by attaching a hose, excess water can be diverted to any remote area such as a garden or flower bed. One of the overflow fittings can also be used with the automatic Flex Fit water diverter that comes with this barrel. The diverter will divert rain water from your downspout into your rain barrel, until the rain barrel is full, and then automatically send the rest of the water back through the downspout. The plastic spigot and rain water diverter are shipped inside the barrel. Purchase two rain barrels at the same time, and Aunt Molly will include a Free rain barrel connector. Aunt Molly has kept these empty barrels out of landfills by turning them into useful products for your home and garden. These plastic recycled barrels have traveled many thousands of miles and even though we have thoroughly cleaned them inside and out, and applied several coats of UV polish, they may still have some small scratches and scrapes. GO GREEN BY PURCHASING RECYCLED PRODUCTS. FREE SHIPPING TO 48 CONT. U.S. STATES. WE ONLY SHIP TO THE LOWER 48 STATES. WE DO NOT SHIP TO CANADA, ALASKA OR HAWAII. THIS PRODUCT CAN NOT BE SHIPPED INTERNATIONALLY!